About Me

This site is focused on improving people’s wellness and total well being through health, fitness & Diet.

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food

– Hippocrates


Health is all about feeling In shape and Great while having a lot of fun. I offer courses in that practice.

I’m a private Beach Body Trainer. My role is to encourage and train you with tips about clean eating, quality recipes, inspiration, overall health, diet and fitness.

Clinical and Health Nutrition

I like food… and I want you to as well.

Everybody knows the saying “healthy body = healthy mind”, and my crew live this every day. Food needs to be used as a nourishment to maximize the body’s functionality and appearance, my clean eating plans do just that.

I put mental and physical balance on top of our priority list, and diet is a major factor on this. I’ll educate you on how to select the best food options and use planning techniques which are easy, simple and delicious.

Clinical Nutrition

Strength, Energy Love of Living Comes From Within!

A good diet is essential to aging well. To grow older well you have to eat well. Consuming the right kind of foods will have a quick impact on your physical appearance and on how you feel.

In spite of advances in science and medicine, modern life makes it hard for us to remain healthy and the changes made by such a lifestyle are turning out to be a ‘sickening’ way to live with substantial increases in numerous common illnesses.

An average diet is typically too high in saturated fats, salt, and sugars and too low in fresh fruits, veggies, whole grain products, calcium, fiber and protein. This kind of diet increases 4 of the 6 leading causes of death and raises the likelihood of many diseases.


Disease prevention and implementing healthy living involves many lifestyle choices that are not always easy in terms of knowing where to begin! Snelstarter nutrition initiatives cover a large array of topics associated with eating healthy to help you in maintaining a lifestyle to live and get older well.

Vitality, energy and love of life originate from within – from a body and mind furnished with the necessary nutrients required for optimum performance and the day-to-day functional tasks we ask of it.

Eating healthily is additionally vital for skin tone and muscle mass – each and every cell within our body requires essential nutrients to recover and repair. Eating the right foods has an enormous effect on how your skin looks and how well it deals with the passing of time.

This site not only looks at anti aging nutrition, but it highlights the fact that good food should really be eaten with pleasure. Taking pleasure in the foods you eat is such a fundamental part of eating a healthy diet.

You won’t find here recommendations to eat something just because it’s the hottest anti aging or wonder food.

Conversely, you will find on this site articles on subjects like glycemic index, trans-fats and anti-oxidants. These articles are written in an easy way with useful ideas to help you enjoy the best diet with your normal routine.

Snelstarter can also help you find out your own unique nutrition demands and the advantages of foods outside of basic nutrition. Your private nutritionist may offer you individual nutritional recommendations to help you assume control of your overall health from the food choices you make.